LUDWIG as an employer

We proudly review more than 100 years of experience in measurement technology. A long history of success-without our employees, this is impossible. We clearly know that well-educated and motivated employees are an important factor in the success of our company.

From development to production, from customer consultation to order processing, from calibration management to the design of test equipment, our employees have excellent precision work in every field. Working together, we have reached the highest quality standards and achieved the most important goal for us: customer satisfaction.

What do we do? Provide our team with the best working conditions. The most important point is an open and appreciative work atmosphere characterized by fairness and collective cooperation. Everyone has made an important contribution to our success, and everyone is equally valued and appreciated. We make further efforts to ensure that every employee-no matter what field they work in-can fully develop and realize their potential.

Our employees take pleasure in having a safe and future-oriented job. The flexible working model integrates work, family and entertainment. Because a good work-life balance is an important factor in maintaining health and wellness. Performance-based compensation and attractive social benefits, such as health insurance and pension insurance funded by the company’s employers, ensure that we hope that each of our employees will have a carefree future.

Together we will continue Ludwig success story!