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Ludwig Schneider is a global family business with many outstanding employees. The company has always been the industry benchmark in the fields of pressure, temperature, liquid level, level, flow and density measurement.

The name "Ludwig Schneider" has been known for the highest quality and precision "Made in Germany" since 1910. At that time, everything started with the development of high-quality temperature measuring instruments.

Today, we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-precision pressure, temperature, liquid level, flow and density measurement technology.

Combining the most comprehensive product series and modern certified calibration laboratory, we provide customers with almost unique all-round services in the industry.

Ludwig meters are used all over the world, and many customers rely on our meters to be safe, open and stable. We work closely with customers and suppliers. This has produced innovative solutions, both technically and economically-now and in the future.

The product series are suitable for industrial applications of pressure, temperature, liquid level, flow and density

Pressure gauge series

Mechanical pressure: Provide pressure gauges with Bourdon tube, isolation diaphragm and capsule measuring system, absolute pressure gauge and differential pressure gauge.

Electronic pressure: an intelligent pressure transmitter used to measure general pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure.

Diaphragm seal: Through the combination of chemical seal and pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, pressure sensor, etc., it becomes the measurement task under special environment.

Temperature meter series

Electronic temperature: Products include thermocouples, resistance thermometers (on-site display), temperature switches, digital display and analog output temperature transmitters,

The mechanical temperature uses the working principle of bimetal deformation, liquid expansion or gas expansion, and the temperature measurement range is from -200 to +700°C.

Liquid level and level meter

Liquid level measurement: Magnetic turning column level gauge, magnetostrictive level gauge, float level transmitter can meet different application requirements for liquid level measurement.

Level measurement: Rotation resistance level switch, tuning fork level switch, guided wave radar level meter, high frequency radar level meter, ultrasonic level meter, etc. for level measurement applications

Flow measuring instrument

When it comes to flow measurement, Ludwig has unique expertise. We not only show the ability of standard application, but also show the application ability of high-demand, customized solutions.

For us, we are customer-oriented as early as in R&D and development.

Many products developed in cooperation with our customers are considered today’s industry standards. Today, users all over the world benefit from Ludwig’s innovation:

Electromagnetic flowmeter: can be used for strong corrosive media in chlor-alkali chemical industry.

Mass flow meter: ideal for high viscosity media and low flow rates. Ideal instrument for trade settlement.

Ultrasonic flowmeter: It works according to the time difference method and can be used for custody transfer

Vortex and turbine flow meters: equipped with pressure and temperature compensation.

Rotameter: can measure various media, outstanding cost performance, wide range of applications


In order to efficiently promote the global market strategy, Ludwig (Guangzhou) Automation Instrument Co., Ltd., as a member of Ludwig, Germany,

Its headquarter is located in Guangzhou and its operations are distributed throughout the country.

Ludwig is committed to providing high-quality services to our customers in the industrial and process fields in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Continuous development and will gradually develop into a market leader in the pressure, temperature, liquid level, level, and flow instrument industries.

We wholeheartedly provide you with the following services:

·Manufacturing of pressure, temperature, liquid level, level and flow measuring instruments

·Customer customized measurement solutions

·On-site service and installation guidance

·Meter calibration service

·Product technical consultation and training

·Product line versatility and flexibility

·Diversified product categories, excellent technology, can provide you with various measurement solutions. With multiple product lines, it can meet the most extensive application needs.


Since 1910

Benjamin Schneider started developing thermometers as early as 1910. In view of his manual skills and rich thoughts, he has developed high-quality instruments for leading industrial companies and scientific institutions from the beginning. His first-class products confirm his excellent reputation in industry and research.

In 1954, production was transferred to Wertheim. This move laid the foundation for the further development of modern production plants and companies. Even now, accurate measurement of meters is one of the most important tasks of measurement technology, especially in environmental protection and energy supply, which have become increasingly important in the past few decades.

The common goal of the four generations of Ludwig family has been to produce high-precision temperature and density measuring instruments.

According to German international standards-guarantee product quality

Ludwig Schneider GmbH always attaches importance to quality. Every employee and process is committed to ensuring the highest quality. Our quality management system guarantees the company's processes and therefore provides high-quality "Made in Germany" to all business partners of Ludwig Schneider. Almost all products have a working calibration certificate or DAkkS calibration certificate.

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Shaping our common sustainable future

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-precision measuring instruments and systems, we pay special attention to the subject of sustainability. We take responsibility for our own future and future generations.

Therefore, in the context of sustainable development management, we have taken some measures and introduced a guiding principle as our business partner and the guiding principle for us to implement sustainable development practices.

Avoid using plastics in daily office environments

For example, we have replaced the previous plastic delivery note pocket with a pocket made of recycled paper.

Reduce paper consumption

As early as 2016, we introduced a digital document management system, which reduced paper consumption by 90%. However, reducing paper consumption not only protects the number of trees in our local area. An average of 10 liters of water is needed to make a piece of paper. In addition, producing one ton of paper requires as much energy as producing one ton of steel.

The future is mercury-free

However, we must not only improve existing products, but also promote important developments. As one of the instrument manufacturers, we therefore also provide American Society for Testing and Materials and precision thermometers without mercury filling. We have not only responded to EU regulations on the use of mercury in measuring instruments, but we have also made important contributions to protecting the environment.

The future is in our hands

In the future, we will work hard to expand our commitment to environmental protection and the sustainability of large and small matters, so as to do our part in shaping a common sustainable future.

AMA – Association for Sensors and Measurement

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